The fill-level sensor recycSense™ is a “smart device” with a sensor that is applied to any submerged, semi-submersible or above-ground bin. RecycSense™ monitors the current status of waste bin fill-level and updates directly the online platform Recycglobe™ about its content.


GSM Network


2G/3G network coverage everywhere.


The sensor records continuously the temperature in the container so as to ensure that it does not exceed the normal daytime temperatures.


the use of the additional GPS feature allows us to track the positions of your bins as well as their unexpected change of position.

Long life battery

The outdoor sensor has lithium battery with an average duration of 5 years.

Installation to any type of bin

Smart bin sensors monitor all the types of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastic, glass, liquid etc.)

Implementation to any type of material

The fill level bin sensor can be used to detect the fill level of solid and liquid waste materials.

Customized solutions